M O D E L I N G    I S    P R O O F
T H A T    T H E    B O D Y
I S    L I V I N G    A R T

I grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut, and have spent most of my adult life living in New York City and Los Angeles. Currently, I'm a little nomadic. Summer 2023 will see mostly New York City and San Diego.

Wellness is a giant part of my identity. I started playing soccer at age four. Freshman year in high school, I randomly decided that I was never putting trash like McDonald's into my body again. At sixteen, I joined a gym, and my athletic life became a mosaic of kickboxing, yoga, and spinning. Three years later, someone introduced me to weightlifting. I couldn't believe that I had ever lived without a squat rack. Soon, I started competing in bikini shows and became a personal trainer. 

When I left the professional world of fitness, I went after this concept of sustainable wellness. I wanted to prove that a fit body can coexist with a vibrant life. The big secret is an 80/20 balance of good and naughty. Consistently, it's clean, whole foods. Sometimes, it's a buttery Uova da Raviolo with a golden runny egg yolk and shaved white truffle.

We can have it all.

As a busy luxury event producer in New York City, I became immersed in chef culture. Even more than before, food became my love language. Culinary experiences are the best way to discover a new city, and they're also the best way to discover a new human. There are few things as sensual as sharing a delicious meal.

Beauty is energy. I love working with creators that share my passion to make people feel something. Now, I create. I connect brands in the culinary and beauty industries. I travel. I model. I write. I squeeze out all that I can from every moment. Why not preserve that energy in a photograph?


height | 5'4"
bust | 34C
waist | 27"

hips | 37"

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